Siri creators show off new and improved Viv personal assistant

Digital assistants are a big part of how we interact with our mobile devices these days, and a big leap in digital assistant functionality could give a big advantage to a mobile OS. Siri, originally an independent product that was purchased by Apple in 2010, was touted as a major step forward for Apple’s iPhone. Now, the team that created Siri has given the first public demonstration of Viv, its new personal assistant. The Viv demonstration took place at the TechCrunch Disrupt NewYork event recently. Take a look at what it can do:

We've heard scraps of news about Viv for several years now. The company behind the software, Viv Labs, has remained pretty quiet on the details of its next-gen product, other than hinting that Viv would be able to answer more complex requests than current digital assistants. It looks like the company is keeping that promise—assuming the questions and answers weren't pre-programmed.

Dag Kittlaus, CEO of Viv Labs and co-founder of Siri, asked Viv some questions about the weather to demonstrate the software's ability to pull complex ideas from natural language. The digital assistant correctly answered the query "Will it be warmer than 70 degrees near the Golden Gate Bridge after 5PM the day after tomorrow," despite the complexity of the question. Viv also demonstrated its app-integration chops by paying off a bar debt when Kittlaus told the assistant to "send Adam 20 bucks for the drinks last night." According to TechCrunch, we should start seeing early integrations of Viv later this year.

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