The Witcher 3 may soon feast on Blood and Wine

Heads up, anyone who's a fan of The Witcher 3. CD Projekt Red (or perhaps Valve) may have inadvertently revealed the release date of the game's upcoming expansion: Blood and Wine. Twitter user Wario64 managed to grab a few screenshots of the expansion's Steam store page before it was pulled down. That page showed a release date of May 30.

According to the info contained in the screenshots, the expansion will add a new region called Toussaint, apparently famous for its wine. Not all is well in the country of grapes, though, as a wild beast is roaming the lands and preying on people. It'll be up to Geralt of Rivia to undo the mystery...and partake of Toussaint's wine and flesh along the way.

As we previously reported, the new expansion should offer players a whopping 20 hours of gameplay. The purported store listing describes Toussaint's lands and side-quests as roughly equivalent in scope to the No Man's Land or Novigrad areas from The Wild Hunt. Some screenshots revealed by CD Projekt Red have portrayed Touissant as a fairy-tale place of wondrous and colorful overgrown nature. Take it from me, though: nothing in Witcher 3 is ever quite as pretty as it seems. Well, except for Triss Merigold.

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