MasterCase Maker 5 evolves Cooler Master's modular concept

Cooler Master's MasterCase 5 and MasterCase Pro 5 are both solid, flexible cases that can be upgraded at will thanks to their modular interiors and a variety of aftermarket parts. Today, Cooler Master is releasing the next evolution in its modular MasterCase family: the MasterCase Maker 5. This case features redesigned top and front panels, a built-in fan and lighting hub, and a refreshed front I/O panel with what we believe is a first for an ATX mid-tower: a USB Type-C port.

The Maker 5's front panel is slightly different than earlier MasterCases. Unlike the open mesh front panel of the MasterCase 5 and MasterCase Pro 5, the Maker 5 uses a solid plastic panel that's backed with foam for potential noise-reduction benefits. This panel swings away to reveal two 5.25" drive bays and a mesh filter for the two included 140-mm front fans.

The top panel is slightly refined compared to older MasterCases, too. Unlike the open mesh top panels included with the MasterCase 5 and Pro 5, the Maker 5 features a lift-off solid panel that can be left in place for quiet operation or opened up to let top-mounted radiators breathe. The entire panel is held in place with magnets, a nice upgrade over the press-fit panel on the MasterCase Pro 5. The "turreted" top radiator mount is carried over from earlier MasterCases.

This case's built-in fan and lighting controls are another perk that can't be found on lesser MasterCases. The fan and lighting hub draws power from a single SATA connector. Dedicated buttons on the backlit I/O panel control brightness for up to four two-pin LED strips and fan speeds for up to six connected spinners. The Maker 5 comes with one red LED strip in its main chamber and three 140-mm fans in total (two intakes and one exhaust).

The MasterCase Maker 5 comes with five 3.5" drive sleds spread across two drive cages: one dual-sled cage in its lower chamber, and another triple-sled cage in its main chamber. Like the MasterCases before it, the Maker 5 also has a pair of dedicated mounting sleds for 2.5" devices that can sit on the "roof" of the lower chamber or behind the motherboard tray. This MasterCase is available now from Newegg for $189.99.

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