GDDR5X enters mass production ahead of schedule

In a blog post yesterday about the GeForce GTX 1080 launch, Micron confirmed something we've suspected since this past Friday: GDDR5X memory is in mass production now. That news beats the projected "summer" timeline for GDDR5X mass production we reported on earlier this year.

Kris Kido, Micron's global Director of Graphics Memory Business, primarily talked about the Pascal GPU and what we all know it can do in the company's announcement. (If you're behind, check out our coverage of Pascal from the last couple of days.) Deep in the blog post, Kris says, "Today, I am happy to announce that GDDR5X, the fastest discrete memory component in the world, has already entered mass production." Moving GDDR5X into mass production this quickly is good news for Micron, who faces stiff competition in the graphics memory space.

High-Bandwidth Memory offers 1024Gbps of potential bandwidth per stack, and HBM2 purportedly offers double that data rate. The 10Gbps data rate of Micron's current GDDR5X packages is certainly impressive, though, and the new design is much easier to implement than HBM's complicated through-silicon-via construction. Micron is currently sampling GDDR5X in 11Gbps and 12Gbps flavors, too, which will yield up to 576GBytes/sec on a 384-bit bus. We'd expect to see Micron's finest in more upcoming products from AMD and Nvidia soon.

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