Win10 Insider Build 14342 extends Edge and kills Wi-Fi Sense

Microsoft released a new preview build for Windows 10 Insiders on the fast ring today. The headline news for today’s build, Build 14342, is a change to the way that Edge users will interact with extensions for the browser. We also get the usual laundry list of bug fixes in this update.

In the past, browser extensions for Edge have been extracted and loaded from a local folder. With the new build, Microsoft says the extensions can be downloaded directly from the Windows store. It sounds like the change means Edge users are required to reinstall all their extensions for them to continue to work. Edge also lets users choose from a number of newly supported extensions in this build, notably AdBlock Plus and Reddit Enhancement Suite.

Edge also adds real-time web notifications in this build. Notifications are one of the big changes in Windows 10—the operating system provides a unified platform for supported services to send notifications to users through the Notification Center app. Microsoft says that support for Skype for Web real-time notifications should already be active in the new build.

Way down in the “other items of note” section of the announcement is news of the impending death of Wi-Fi Sense. Wi-Fi Sense is a feature that allowed devices to share Wi-Fi passwords through Windows 10 and Microsoft accounts. Microsoft says that the feature wasn’t used enough to justify the cost of continued development. The feature will continue to work with networks that it already has the password for, though.

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