Dual-chambered Lian Li PC-O9 is a big, beautiful case

Taiwanese computer chassis manufacturer Lian Li might offer one of the widest variety of cases on the market. From ITX cases that hold eleven drives to motorized standing desk computer cases, Lian Li probably has you covered. Last year at Computex, the company showed off the PC-O8, a large, dual-chamber design with tempered glass side panels. This year, Lian Li is revising the design with a little less glass and a little more color to make the PC-O9.

The new chassis is again a massive (19" x 18" x 14" HxDxW) dual-chamber design, half of which is enclosed by aluminum and half by tempered glass. Like its predecessor, it includes a 360-mm radiator mount on the roof of the motherboard chamber. Five 120-mm fans with dust filters are included, or you can remove three of them to fit a second 360-mm radiator on either side of the center partition. In fact, Lian Li says this is its best chassis for water cooling. A removable plate is included for pump mounting, and the secondary chamber should be  large enough to accomodate most reservoirs and tubing. That chamber also comes with mounts for six 3.5" drives and a pair of 2.5" drives. Rubber grommets to dampen drive vibration are included, too.

ATX motherboards, video cards up to 420 mm long, and CPU coolers up to 160 mm tall will fit neatly in this box. Eight expansion slots are included too, in case you want to engage in some quad-GPU tomfoolery. Naturally, as with any high-quality gear, an RGB lighting kit and controller are included. Lian Li says the pictured PC-O9WRX will be available in mid-June. If you hate the red accents, a blacked-out version will be available as the PC-O9WX, too. Either version will carry a $439 suggested price.

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