Racers can rejoice as Project Cars gets HTC Vive support

It's fair to say that one of the most exciting things to look forward to with a VR headset is to be inside a car or a spaceship, looking out the virtual windows. Project Cars has now announced patch 11.0, which adds support for the HTC Vive headset. I feel a great disturbance in RPM, as if millions of virtual engines sped up in joy.

According to the patch notes, Project Cars's VR support includes control over SteamVR's room customization options. This feature allows players to dictate the look of the space surrounding them when they're using the game's menus. The new patch also adds support for VR mouse and Gaze control support, which lets players interact with the user interface using their eyes. Players should be able to swap between those modes seamlessly. These VR control methods can be used in tandem with regular controls, too.

Patch 11 also adds a host of other improvements. The Photo mode should be improved, which ought to go along nicely with VR support. Depth-of-field effects, sun flares, and crepuscular rays all receive rendering improvements. Finally, the default seat and HUD positions have been improved along with the default camera settings, which now "prevent the car tilting independently from the player at steep inclines." Gentlemen, start your headsets.

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