Starbreeze and Acer join forces to make the StarVR headset

Way back in June of last year, we reported on an upcoming VR headset from Starbreeze Studios, the StarVR. Now, Acer and Starbreeze have signed a joint venture to design, produce, and sell the device.

A partnership with Acer might give Starbreeze one of the last missing pieces of the VR puzzle—a hardware company with enough global presence to produce and distribute the device at scale. Other VR headset makers have struggled with supply issues, so being able to reliably produce the headset at launch will be important for the company. For its part, Acer gets a foot in the door to the world of VR hardware, much like HTC and the Vive. Given the long-term trends in the PC hardware space, Acer could benefit from a more diverse product portfolio.

StarVR is distinctive in the head-mounted display world thanks to its higher-resolution displays and purportedly wider field of view than competing high-end HMDs from Oculus and HTC. The StarVR uses two 5.5” displays, each with a resolution of 2560x1440, and it claims to deliver a 210-degree field of view. The Oculus Rift comes equipped with a pair of 1080x1200 displays, and it delivers a 100-degree field of view.

The other big potential advantage of the StarVR is its studio backing. Starbreeze Studios is responsible for the popular Payday series, and it's also producing a Walking Dead title for VR, which it demoed at E3 last year. If head-mounted display makers try to set their wares apart with the software titles available for the device, having an experienced studio for a backer could make all the difference.

Starbreeze hasn’t given us any idea when we should expect to be able to buy the StarVR, or any word on how much it'll cost.

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