Toshiba thins its OCZ SSD offerings

After OCZ declared bankruptcy in 2013, Toshiba purchased the company and gave it a new lease on life. OCZ continued to produce a full line of SSDs under its new management, including SATA and NVMe drives for the consumer and enterprise markets. Today, however, Toshiba appears to be retiring the OCZ name on all but a few of its consumer SSDs.

Tom’s Hardware pointed out yesterday that Toshiba has made a massive overhaul of the OCZ website. Now, the only SSDs listed on the site are an entry-level SSD and an enthusiast-class drive. The entry-level drive, the OCZ TR150, looks to be a rebadge of the recently-released OCZ Trion 150, and the enthusiast VT180 is probably a rebadged Vector 180. The RD400 PCIe SSD that was announced last year is still listed as "coming soon" on the company's page, too.

The specs of the TR150 are about the same as those of the Trion 150, although OCZ lists the TR150's random write IOPs at up to 85k, substantially higher than the Trion 150's 64k figure. The VT180 appears to be cut from the same cloth as the Vector 180. The VT180's specs are almost equal to the Vector 180, aside from slight bumps in random read and write IOPS. The minor differences in performance between the old SSDs and the new ones are most likely due to firmware tweaks since the drives' release rather than changes under the hood.

OCZ's enterprise drives are absent from the updated Toshiba site. Toshiba already has a strong presence in the enterprise SSD market, and it's likely dropping the OCZ name to unify the company's products behind the stronger brand. The OCZ site doesn’t show listings for any other SSDs, and all other OCZ SSDs are labeled as “legacy” on the OCZ drivers site—even the Trion 150 and Vector 180. 

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