Lian-Li makes its cases more accessible with the Ebonsteel line

Lest you think you've wandered into a realm of fantasy, worry not; "Ebonsteel" is just Lian-Li's brand for its first lineup of steel cases. The Taiwanese chassis company has long been known for its catalog of premium aluminum cases, but aluminum isn't cheap, and neither are aluminum computer chassis. By popular demand, Lian-Li is bringing its premium chassis expertise to a more affordable price point.


Lian-Li hasn't said anything about the type or thickness of steel it is using in the Ebonsteel enclosures, but externally, the three cases debuting in the new series resemble the company's aluminum line. The PC-K5 is a pretty basic ATX mid-tower with room for up to five 120mm fans: two in the front, two on the top, and one in the back. The top fans can be replaced with a 240mm radiator. Removable drive cages support four 2.5" or 3.5" drives.


By comparison, the PC-K6 and K6S are a bit more high-end. The PC-K6 is also a mid-tower ATX chassis, but it moves the power supply and drive cages into a separate compartment below the motherboard area, much like the company's PC-J60. As a result, the case is slightly larger than the K5. Seven mounts for 3.5" or 2.5" disks are available, while the two 5.25" bays up front are retained from the K5. Like its little brother, the K6 supports five fans in the same locations, but 140mm fans and 280mm radiators are supported, too. The K6S variant includes sound-dampening foam inserts and a different front bezel with another USB 2.0 port.


All three cases include tool-less construction, cable management cut-outs, mesh fan filters, and vibration damping on the power supply and disk mounts. Lian-Li says the PC-K5 will be available for just $56, an unheard-of price point for the company. A windowed version of that case will be slightly more expensive at $60. The K6 is expected to retail for $93, while the noise-reducing K6S will come in at $109. The Ebonsteel cases will be available in mid-to-late June.

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