Bristol Ridge and Polaris headline AMD's Computex show

AMD has announced a showcase of its "latest technology" at Computex Taipei 2016. The company says the event will feature the launch of its 7th-generation (Bristol Ridge) APUs, "Polaris updates, and more." We talked about Bristol Ridge at length back in April, but the short version is that these new APUs are refined versions of Carrizo chips with DDR4 support.

The specific wording of "Polaris updates" rather than "launch" or "release" has caused no end of discussion around the web. In case you're just joining us, Polaris is AMD's codename for the first series of its upcoming FinFET graphics processors. We've talked about AMD's new GPUs a bit lately, but there simply hasn't been much news of any veracity to report compared to the absolute flood of news following competitor Nvidia's recent announcement. Here's hoping that the "updates" at Computex are good news.

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