Windows 10 will get Halo's Forge level builder and multiplayer mode

Halo fans, rejoice! Halo 5 is sorta-kinda-arriving on the PC... ish. Microsoft has announced Forge - Halo 5: Guardians Edition, which brings Halo's Forge level builder and limited multiplayer support to Windows 10.

The Forge builder first appeared in Halo 3, and it was revamped with the launch of Halo 5. PC players will be able to build their own levels and play them with members of their Xbox friends list. Level creators will be able to publish their creations to the Xbox One, too. There are a couple of catches, though—PC multiplayer is specifically limited to playing with people on your friends list, as Forge doesn't offer any matchmaking support. Halo 5's campaign mode won't be included, either.

Microsoft isn't just releasing a .EXE file for Forge, though—it's apparently given the editor an "optimized UI" and a couple coats of paint. The Windows version offers full mouse and keyboard support on both the level builder and the actual multiplayer games. PC gamers can also enjoy improved graphics, since Forge will support higher resolutions, as well—including 4K.

What's the price for this multiplayer thingie, you say? Zero. That's right, Microsoft is offering the Forge for free, and it says it "[will] have a lot more to share [about the game] later this year." Let's just hope this release fares better than Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

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