Oculus App version 1.4 breaks the Revive patch

Oculus updated its Rift desktop software to version 1.4 this week. The update itself doesn't sound like that big a deal on its face. The VR headset maker says this point release contains improvements for the Rift's performance, stability, and sensor tracking, as well as the usual bug fixes and some localization improvements. However, some HTC Vive owners have discovered that this update breaks compatibility with the Revive patch, a third-party software tool that allowed users of HTC's headset to play titles that were otherwise exclusive to the Oculus store.

Revive's developer confirmed that the patch no longer works with the latest version of Oculus' software in a post on Reddit. The new version of the software apparently makes sure that an Oculus headset is connected to the host PC by way of the Oculus Platform DRM framework. Lucky VR explorers with both a Rift and a Vive can seemingly get around this issue by connecting both a Rift and a Vive to the same host PC at once, but that workaround leaves folks without a Rift out in the cold.

To be clear, this lockout doesn't appear to be a malicious move on Oculus' part. When Revive first made its appearance, the company told VR news site VRFocus that it regards the patch as a "hack," and it warned that "users should expect that hacked games won’t work indefinitely" with future software updates. Given that warning, it's not surprising that Oculus' latest software breaks the patch.

For those holding out hope that Revive can be updated to get around this issue, the prospects don't seem great, either. Revive's developer says an update to make the patch compatible with the latest version of Oculus' app will be "challenging" to build. If you're not in the enviable position of having both a Rift and a Vive on hand to play with at this very moment, it seems like the best way to play Oculus-exclusive titles will sadly be to sit tight.

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