We need your input as we plan the "second-10th" TR BBQ

There's only two months to go before the next TR BBQ. This post is specifically aimed at TR gerbils that won't be able to attend in person. We have a new trick up our sleeves for our live stream this year: a Ricoh Theta S. This camera can live-stream 360-degree spherical video to YouTube. Every gerbil watching the stream will be able to pan the camera around individually to focus on what they want to watch. Here are a couple still photos to give you an idea of what to expect. We have more images and a video in the BBQ thread.

I'm soliciting your advice on how best to put this new ability to use for the stream. Would you like a schedule of events, where we move the camera to designated spots at certain times? Should it just stream all day and be moved as I see fit? Should I make it easy to chat with the attendees, or would you rather talk about us behind our backs? Should we do an event specifically for the viewers, or just stick with showing everyone the things we already have planned?

We want to know what would make the live stream most interesting and engaging for our gerbil viewers, so please let us know what you think in the comments. Be sure to hit up the TR BBQ thread for all the details of the event, too.

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