EK Waterblocks is ready to help GTX 1080s chill out

Purchasers of a Founder's Edition GeForce know exactly what board design they're getting. That certainty is especially important to liquid-cooling enthusiasts who need to make sure their hardware will fit. EK Waterblocks is catering to those Founders Edition early adopters with its latest product, the EK-FC1080 GTX. As you could probably guess from the model number, the new water block is a full-coverage affair for GTX 1080s.

This block cools the GTX 1080's GPU and power-delivery hardware with an expansive slab of copper. EK offers the block in two finishes: a clear plastic that shows off the optionally nickel-plated innards, and a black acetal resin finish that hides the block's guts. The Slovenian company says there is no difference in performance between the various models. We're not sure of US pricing yet, but the EK says the EK-FC1080 will go for 99.95€ (including VAT) for the basic copper model in clear and acetal finishes, and 109.95€ for the nickel-plated versions. All of these blocks will be available at the EK Webshop this Friday, May 27.

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