Nvidia 368.22 drivers are tuned for Overwatch

If you’re a GeForce user looking forward to Blizzard’s Overwatch release tomorrow, Nvidia has a pre-game treat for you. The company has released its latest WHQL-certified GeForce 368.22 driver with performance optimizations and SLI profiles for the class-based shooter.

Nvidia has even gone to the trouble of charting out what kind of performance we can expect from its cards at various resolutions. Those numbers come with the usual disclaimer about performance numbers directly from the vendor, of course. The chart keeps things simple and only targets a 60-FPS average at various resolutions. Still, it's good to have some idea of what we can expect from the new drivers.

If you prefer your combat a bit more historical or your games a bit more free-to-play, Nvidia has also included optimizations for the upcoming World of Tanks and War Thunder updates. You can download the drivers from Nvidia's site, or through Nvidia's GeForce Experience application. The full release notes can be found here.

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