Cryorig teases a distinctive pair of Mini-ITX cases

Computex 2016 starts next week, and news is trickling in about the hardware that'll be on display at the trade fair. Cryorig has teased two PC cases it currently has in development. The first is the Ola, a cylindrical Mini-ITX case, and the second is the Taku, a space-saving Mini-ITX case that doubles as a monitor stand.

The Ola's cylindrical design allows Cryorig to accomplish some interesting things. The company claims that the shape both increases the internal air volume and ensures that there's no dead space in the case where air doesn't move. Two air intake ducts run along the sides of the case, and a 140-mm fan at the top exhausts air from both of the case's compartments. The case is only compatible with Mini-ITX motherboards and SFX power supplies, but it can accommodate graphics cards as long as 11" (280 mm). The Ola has one 3.5" drive bay and one 2.5" drive bay. Builders will be able to pick from glossy black, brushed aluminum, and wood veneer panels for this case when it hits the market.

The Taku is a rectangular Mini-ITX case designed to take up minimal desk space. The all-aluminum chassis provides access to the hardware inside with a sliding drawer system. Users can route cords through ducts along the sides of the case and out one of two notches on the top, allowing them to connect peripherals and phones to the computer while hiding those cords. Once again, the case only fits Mini-ITX motherboards and SFX power supplies. The Taku also won't be able to house graphics cards longer than 11" (240 mm). Like the Ola, the Taku has one 3.5" drive bay and one 2.5" drive bay. Solid wood legs provide structural support and visual contrast.

Cryorig considers both of these cases to be works in progress, but it'll have functional demos on display at Computex. The company hopes to release the Taku later this year or early in 2017, and has the Ola targeted for release in the second quarter of 2017.

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