Samsung's 750 EVO SSD family grows with a 500GB model

With its 850 series solid-state disks, Samsung did away with the non-EVO, non-Pro base model in its lineup, leaving folks in the market for a cheap-yet-quality SSD looking elsewhere. In February of this year, Samsung sought to fill the hole at the bottom end of its product stack with the 750 EVO series of budget solid-state drives, but the small capacities and limited availability of that lineup made the drives less compelling than they otherwise might have been. Today Samsung is announcing a 500GB 750 EVO to go with its 120GB and 250GB drives, and it'll now be offering those drives worldwide.

The 750 EVOs use the same MGX controller as similarly-sized 850 EVOs, but the 256MB of DRAM cache in the 750 EVO is half that of the 850-series drives. Rather than the 40-nm 3D V-NAND used in the 850 series, the 750 EVO uses more traditional 16nm planar TLC NAND, too. Samsung claims the drives are good for up to 540MB/s sequential reads and 520MB/s sequential writes, but it doesn't offer a random performance specification.

Anandtech tested the smaller 750 EVO drives and found them to be decent performers at a somewhat high price point. The suggested retail price on the new 500GB drive is $149, which puts it in striking distance of the 512GB version of the Mushkin Reactor SSD we're fond of lately. The 750 EVO 500GB should be available in early June.

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