Toshiba releases 8TB X300 HDD

If you're dreaming of some big mechanical storage to go with one of the upcoming OCZ RD400 SSDs that Toshiba announced yesterday, there's some more good news for you. The company has released an 8TB SATA HDD in its consumer X300 series that could fill that HDD-sized hole in your life.

Like the previously released 4TB X300, the new X300 spins its 8TB at 7200RPM and has 128MB of cache. It uses perpendicular magnetic recording but opts for plain-old air rather than the helium we have seen in some higher-end drives. Other manufacturers have released 8TB drives, but only one other model is targeted at desktops, rather than enterprise or NAS storage—the Seagate 8TB ST8000DM002. The Seagate drive runs at 7200RPM, too, but with a beefier 256MB cache, so we'll have to wait and see how the Toshiba drive performs to figure out if it is a solid competitor to the Seagate model.

Tom's Hardware says the 8TB X300 is going on sale in Europe now but won't show up on this side of the pond until the third quarter of this year. The site also notes Toshiba has declined to release the drive's workload ratings and performance specifications until the it ships in the USA.

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