Microsoft announces 1850 more job cuts in mobile division

Hot on the heels of Gartner’s announcement that Windows Phone's market share had dropped to less than 1%, we have some unsurprising follow-up news this morning. The Verge is reporting that Microsoft intends to cut 1,850 more jobs, primarily in its mobile division in Finland.

This is the second round of job cuts to the company’s mobile division, which it purchased from Nokia back in 2013. The first came in July of last year, when Microsoft restructured its phone business in the face of a declining market share, cutting 7,800 jobs. This new round of cuts seem to signal that Microsoft is driving the last nail into the Lumia coffin. The company has indicated that it will continue to support existing devices, though.​

According to The Verge, Microsoft hasn’t quite given up on its smartphone ambitions, though. The company says it's still working on "great new devices," which we assume is a hint to the long-rumored Microsoft Surface phone. The company didn't give any indication when we might see these new devices.

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