MSI bringing one of everything to Computex

Sometimes it's good for a company to put all of its focus into a single product family, and sometimes it's better to diversify. Judging by the list of products that it's showing off at Computex this year, MSI has chosen the latter. Here's a quick breakdown of MSI's upcoming laptops, desktops, and components.

MSI will display a variety of laptops at Computex. The GS63 Stealth Pro is an ultra-portable 1.9kg laptop that's only 17mm thick. The machine is powered by a Core i7-6700HQ and a Geforce GTX 970M. To keep those components cool in a tight chassis, MSI gave each of them its own thermal module.

Next up are two "VR Ready" laptops. MSI's GT83 Titan SLI has a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches and two GTX 980 graphics cards in an SLI configuration. The GT73 should also meets the performance demands of VR, and is powered by GTX 980M cards in SLI. Finally, there's the GS73, a laptop with an aluminum chassis, a GeForce GTX 970M graphics card, and a SteelSeries keyboard.

MSI will be displaying many desktops and all-in-ones at Computex. There's also something a little unusual, however. MSI's Backpack PC puts a Core i7 CPU and a GTX 980 card into a system that gamers can carry on their backs, letting them experience room-scale VR without the fear of tripping on cables. Meanwhile, the new Aegis Series desktop puts an Intel Core K-series processor into a beast of a case. A button on the front purportedly increases the system's performance by 15%. On the smaller side of things, we have the Vortex, which packs Geforce GTX 980 graphics cards in SLI into a 6.5L chassis. Finally, MSI has upgraded its line of gaming all-in-one PCs. The highest-end model houses a Core i7 processor, GTX 980M graphics, and a 4K display.

MSI has a variety of components and peripherals on the way. The company will have its GeForce GTX 1080 Founder's Edition graphics card on display at Computex. It'll also show off a variety of motherboards, including the X99A Gaming Pro Carbon, X99A XPower Gaming Titanium, and the Z170A MPower Gaming Titanium. For peripherals, MSI has updated versions of its Interceptor gaming keyboards and Clutch Series gaming mice. Additionally, the company mentions a Focus Eye Tracking peripheral. Since MSI used Tobii's eye-tracking system in a laptop earlier this year, it's possible that Focus Eye could be an in-house version of that technology. We'll have more information when Computex formally kicks off next week.

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