Customer frustration leads to Windows 10 upgrade dialog changes

Regardless of what you think of Windows 10, it's safe to say Microsoft hasn't been doing itself many favors on the PR front with its aggressive free upgrade program. Now the BBC reports the company is backpedaling on some recent changes to the behavior of its upgrade notifications in order to clear up some confusion about its behavior.

Microsoft recently made a change to the Windows 10 upgrade request that caused the update to go forward if the user simply used the "X" to close the window. Unsurprisingly, this went against users' expectations that closing the window would bypass the update. This issue was exacerbated by the fact that before that change, the only way to prevent the update was to close the notification.

In order to actually cancel the update, the user had to click a link in the middle of the text and follow a path through a menu. To improve this behavior and prevent unwanted upgrades, Microsoft has now added a confirmation dialog that pops up when the user closes the upgrade window without selecting an option.

Back in February of this year, Microsoft made Windows 10 a recommended update for Windows 7 and 8.1, meaning users of those versions of the OS would be prompted to accept or decline the OS upgrade. While this likely ensured that as many users as possible would be running the latest version of Windows, it also meant that users who weren't interested in changing versions had to dodge the update screen.  It's not yet clear whether simply closing the newly-added confirmation pop-up will still schedule the update for install, though.

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