AMD FirePro S7100X is ready to virtualize blade-server graphics

Virtual desktop infrastructure, or VDI, is a hot market for graphics processors right now. AMD's FirePro S7150 and S7150 X2 were the company's first thrust into that market a couple months ago, and now its FirePro S7100X brings the company's Multiuser GPU technology to dense blade servers where even a single- or dual-slot graphics card would occupy too much space.

The FirePro S7100X puts 8GB of GDDR5 RAM and an unspecified AMD GPU on an MXM expansion card with a board power of 100W. Like the FirePro S7150, this passively-cooled card can support up to 16 virtual users. The S7100X also offers the same flexibility in provisioning, all-user OpenGL support, and freedom from per-user licenses as AMD's other FirePro graphics-virtualization products. System administrators can begin purchasing FirePro S7100Xes on board HP Enterprise's ProLiant WS640c Gen9 blade servers now.

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