A better mousetrap for those alien radio waves

The SETI@home folks are preparing to release version 2.0 of their client, according to this Wired article. Improvements to the software include better firewall support and a new tamper-proof format for the results files, which were previously stored as plain text. Additionally, the program will not only look for continuous signals as in the past, but will also look for "sine waves that turn on and off at an unknown rate."

Although this new analysis adds to the processing time by about 25%, project managers could afford the extra time because the huge number of clients out there (1.5 million plus) not only burns through the 35GB of data collected every day, but has already ripped through most of a six month backlog of data as well. Of course, with over eight teraflops of processing power per day, that's not terribly surprising, now is it? I wonder what kind of a frame rate eight teraflops would get you in Quake 3. Heh heh.

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