Patriot adds 2TB model to Ignite SSD lineup

In the flood of start-of-Computex news, Patriot Memory has announced a new addition to its Ignite line of SATA SSDs, the Ignite 2TB. This drive sets a new capacity high-water mark for the company's performance SSD series.

Like other drives in the Ignite series, the 2TB model uses the tried-and-true Phison S10 flash controller. The Phison S10 is a quad-core controller with support for up to eight flash channels. Since the Ignite 2TB maxes out the controller's channels and the flash chips in the drive are among the biggest in production, it's likely Patriot will have to find a new controller if it wishes to expand the Ignite's capacity further.

Patriot didn't release any performance numbers in its press release for the 2TB model, but the company says its 960GB model should be able to hit a sequential read speed of 560MB/s, a sequential write speed of 545MB/s, 80K random-read IOPs, and 75K random-write IOPs. Since both drives max out the flash channels on their controllers, it's reasonable to think that their performance will also be in the same ballpark.

The drive will ship with Patriot's 3-year warranty, and the company expects to take the first orders for the unit in the fourth quarter of this year. Patriot's press release didn't include any pricing information.

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