Patriot Memory announces budget Spark SSDs

Patriot's on an SSD roll these last couple of days. Yesterday the company announced the 2TB Ignite SSD, a high-end drive based on a maxed-out Phison S10 controller. Today the company is announcing the Spark,a new line of low-cost SSDs based off of the Phison S11 controller.

The Phison S11 is a budget flash controller for MLC, TLC, and 3D NAND flash chips. For the Spark, Patriot is planning use TLC chips from an unnamed vendor. The full Spark lineup will include a 128GB, a 256GB, and a 512GB drive. The company says that these SSDs will top out at 555MB/s of sequential reads and 500MB/s sequential writes but declined to provide any data on random I/O.

AnandTech reports that the Phison S11 controllers can be used without a DRAM cache, but we don't know whether Patriot has opted to forego the feature in the Spark. Given the low price that Patriot expects these drives to fetch—just $105 for the 512GB version— it's possible that it did. Adata announced a similar low-cost SSD that goes DRAM-less at Computex today, so it wouldn't be the first new-release budget SSD that lacks the feature.

Patriot protects the drive with a 3-year warranty, and expects to start shipping units in the third quarter of this year.

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