AMD's Polaris-powered Radeon RX 480 will ring in at $199

This past weekend, we spent some time in Macau learning about AMD's next-generation Polaris architecture. The vast majority of what we learned there remains under wraps for now, but the company is making one big graphics reveal today at Computex. The Radeon RX 480, AMD's first "VR Premium Ready" Polaris graphics card, will have a suggested price of $199. Here are some of its basic specs, straight from AMD:

  Radeon RX 480
GCN compute units 36
Stream processors 2304
Memory interface 256-bit
Memory type GDDR5
GDDR5 transfer rate 8 GT/s
Memory size 4GB or 8GB
Peak single-precision
compute performance
over 5TFLOPS
Board power 150W

No, there aren't clock speeds in the above chart—AMD isn't disclosing that information at this time. We'd love to be able to tell you more about this card today, but further details of the RX 480 and the rest of the Polaris lineup will need to wait until the card's projected June 29 launch date. We can say that the RX 480 looks like it could make quite the splash at a critical price point. AMD says its internal research shows that many people consider the $100-$300 price point a sweet spot for graphics card updates, and it's been quite some time since we've seen major leaps in performance in that segment. For now, let the rampant speculation begin.

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