Micron releases OEM-geared 1100 and 2100 series SSDs

Micron is adding a couple new series to its lineup of OEM-focused SSDs, which the company sells under its own name (rather than the Crucial brand we are accustomed to). The company is releasing an array of new SATA SSDs, and announcing an as-yet-unreleased NVMe SSD. The new lineup of SATA SSDs is called the 1100 series, and the NVMe line is called the 2100. 

Capacity (1100 Series) 256GB 512GB 1TB 2TB
Sequential read (MB/s) 530 530 530 530
Sequential write (MB/s) 500 500 500 500
Random read (IOPS) 55k 92k 92k 92k
Random write (IOPS) 83k 83k 83k 83k

The 1100 series drives come in capacities ranging from 256GB to 2TB, and have quite respectable performance, at least according to the company's figures. These drives will be available in 2.5" SATA and M.2 form factors. The M.2 model's performance will still be limited by the SATA protocol, though, and these drives will only scale up to 1TB, likely due to form-factor space constraints.

Information about the NVMe-based 2100 series is pretty limited, as Micron reports it's still finalizing specs for the drive. We know it'll be PCIe NVMe, and Micron has shown off pictures of the drive in an M.2 form factor. Since the 1100 series are limited to 1TB in M.2, it is possible that the 2100 series will also top out at 1TB. Both the 2100 and 1100 lines will be kitted with Micron's own TLC 3D NAND, a design decision the company says is critical to getting 2TB of flash in a 2.5" form factor.

Micron uses its own name for enterprise and OEM SSDs, and the Crucial name for direct-to-consumer devices. These aren't the first instance of Micron-branded OEM SSDs, either. Back in 2014 the company released the M600, a drive we had the opportunity to put through the wringer. According to AnandTech, the 1100s will start shipping in July and the 2100s will ship at the end of summer. 

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