GOG Connect offers DRM-free downloads from your Steam library

As of yesterday, CD Projekt's subsidary GOG.com has a new feature called GOG Connect. GOG users can connect their site accounts to their Steam libraries and import titles owned on Valve's service to their GOG library. This gives them access to DRM-free downloads of the games that can be played forever without online verification. The new service doesn't require users to download the GOG Galaxy client, either—it can be managed completely from the website.

Not every title is supported, and in fact the list of games available for the service right now is pretty short, with about 20 titles. Still, some pretty popular games are present, such as FTL: Faster than LightSaints Row 2, and The Witcher: Enhanced Edition. GOG says there are more to come, too. The feature is here to stay, but games will come and go from the list of titles available to be imported as the company wheels and deals with developers and publishers. 

Valve's Steam service is a runaway success, and the PC gaming landscape would be a lot different without it. Not everyone is a fan, though. Steam's required online verification can be considered a form of DRM, a dirty word to some users. Games on GOG.com are DRM-free downloads, and the site goes to great lengths to ensure that even very old games will play flawlessly on modern systems. GOG's Galaxy client allows users to roll back game updates to older versions, too.

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