GeForce GTX 1080 availability check: it's made of unobtanium, sir

If you were hoping to get your gerbil paws on a Pascal GPU, you might need to keep hoping. That's the conclusion we've come to after scouring online stores for any sightings of the green team's latest production. As of 2:30 PM Central time, there is exactly one online store where you can buy a GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition, and that's directly from Nvidia.

On a more positive note, all the listings for the card on Amazon, B&H Photo & Video, Best Buy, and Newegg show the suggested retail price of $699. Several sites offer auto-notify functions, too, including EVGA's own store.

Of course, there's always eBay, if you're willing to pay a $100-plus premium on top of the already-high Founders Edition price. "Buy It Now" listings at the time of writing are starting at $809.99, and eBay's metrics report that final sales are trending towards $899.99. Still, if you simply must have a GTX 1080 right now, that may be your only option—depending on how Nvidia's stock holds up.

It's no secret why the GTX 1080 is hard to come by: Pascal-based GeForces represent a generational leap in graphics efficiency. At this moment, the GTX 1080 is unmatched in single-GPU overall performance, not to mention per-dollar and per-watt. We're not sure what Nvidia's production capacity is like, but ravenous demand is surely to blame at least as much as any sort of supply problem.

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