Colorful mobo's GTX 1070 puts a new spin on onboard graphics

TR head honcho and man-on-the-scene Jeff Kampman stopped by Colorful's booth at Computex 2016 and snapped a picture of a peculiar product last week. I could write a thousand words, or I could show you the picture:

Your eyes do not deceive you—that is a motherboard with both an LGA 1151 socket and an integrated GP104-200 GPU onboard, better known as the GeForce GTX 1070. The board doesn't conform to any standard form factor we're familiar with, and it indeed lacks any typical ATX power connectors. The very clear "B150-GP104" designation helpfully indicates which model of Intel PCH rests toward the front of the board. A pair of DDR4 SODIMM slots and a single SATA port rest nearby. Two Mini-PCIe slots and a USB 2.0 header complete the expansion options.

The board has no PCI Express slots and the graphics processor is soldered on, but the GTX 1070 is certainly a powerful enough GPU to enable serious gaming for some time to come. We can confirm from the DRAM markings that the GPU has the expected 8GB of 8GT/s GDDR5, too. While it's exciting to imagine such high-end hardware in a game console, we suspect this unique motherboard is headed for all-in-one machines for internet and gaming cafes. Such a machine wouldn't require upgrades, so the complete lack of PCI Express slots and minimal storage configuration are no issue. Perhaps we'll see a product using this board or a similar design stateside.

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