HTC claims it's fulfilling Vive orders within 72 hours

We're told that if you're willing to deal with the cost and the clutter, the HTC Vive provides the best VR experience available right now. At least, that's what we took from early reviews of the device, and now the Vive has one more advantage over its competition: you can actually buy one. HTC issued a press release today stating that the Vive is not only shipping to select retail stores, but also that online orders are shipping within 2-3 business days.

In case it wasn't obvious, this is good news for HTC. While the launch of the Vive was delayed from its original date, it has been relatively smooth compared to the launch of Oculus' Rift headset. Oculus is still working to fill pre-orders placed as early as January if the shipping megathread on /r/Oculus is anything to go by. An order placed today is not expected to ship until August.

HTC says Micro Center, Gamestop, and the Microsoft Store are the retail locations currently receiving Vive units. Throughout June, a hundred stores from those chains will be hosting demos of the Vive, as well. Retailers will be showing off both the headset itself and the room-scale experience to the general public. HTC has a list of participating stores up on the Vive website.

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