Corsair Neutron XTi SSDs put high performance in sizes up to 2TB

It seems like everyone's announcing new SSDs lately. Not one to be left out, Corsair is updating its highest-performance SSD family with the Neutron Series XTi. These drives will be equipped with a Phison quad-core flash controller. Those internals sound a lot like the Phison S10 Patriot's using in its new Ignite SSDs. Like the Ignite, the Neutron Series XTi's capacities will top out at 2TB.

Corsair says the XTi can hit sequential read speeds of 560MB/s and sequential write speeds of 540MB/s. The company says the drives are equipped with an "expanded cache," although it isn't clear what the cache has been expanded to. Still, if the drive's random I/O numbers are any indication, the cache seems to be pulling its weight. According to Corsair, the drives can do 100K IOPS on random reads and 90K IOPS on random writes. While we're always a bit wary of vendor-reported specs, those I/O numbers are pretty respectable for a SATA SSD.

Corsair doesn't disappoint on the price-and-availability front, either. The company says the Neutron Series XTi should start popping up on retailers' shelves worldwide immediately. The drives' prices range from $90 for the 240GB model to $330 for the 960GB version. All of these drives will be covered by a 5-year warranty. The company didn't give any details on when the 2TB model will hit stores, though, nor did it set a suggested price.

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