Nvidia Shield can now serve up Plex content

Networked media software Plex is announcing support for the Nvidia Shield TV set-top box today. While the program already had a media client available for Android devices, Plex now supports using the Shield TV as a server. This means you can stuff all your movies, TV shows, and music into your Plex library—on the Shield TV or elsewhere on your network—and then have it host your files for your other devices. The blog post says the Shield can play back 4K video at the coveted 60 FPS, as well as manage "multiple simultaneous streams," although it doesn't say how many. Formats supported include MPEG-2, H.264, and the new high-efficiency H.265 codec.

Plex is a popular option for users with large media libraries. For the uninitiated, you set up the Plex media server on a computer on your local network, and then that machine serves up the content in your library to other devices on the network. It became popular because it "just works", despite being very powerful, and because client software exists for virtually every platform under the sun. Plex's real-time transcoding allows devices with limited format support or limited hardware resources to play files that otherwise would be out of reach. With the ability to use the Tegra X1's advanced video processing block for transcoding, this makes the Shield TV a very attractive option for an HTPC or even as a pure media server.

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