Valve opens Destinations Workshop to budding VR landscapers

The fine folks at Valve must be feeling virtually generous. Hot on the heels of a feature-packed update to The Lab, the software maker is now turning its attention to landscapes and vistas. Enter the Destinations Workshop, a free VR application that lets users design their own interactive landscapes and share them with others. These are the same environments that appear in The Lab's Postcards minigame.

To build Destinations, users will get the same Source 2 tools that Valve itself uses. Landscapers can add interactivity to their Destinations to make them more interesting than virtual sightseeing trips. Valve also offers some sample Destinations created using photogrammetry for users to explore and learn from. There is also an example map for users to modify in order to learn how to use the Source 2 tools. Budding virtual landscapers can get more information at Valve's Destinations and Level Design Wiki pages.

Destinations Workshop is built using Valve's OpenVR SDK, so it supports both the Vive and Rift headsets (and, in theory, any other headsets offering OpenVR support). Although the Workshop looks like the kind of application that works best with touch controllers, Valve says that XInput-compatible gamepads are also supported. Oh, by the way, yes, there are Half-Life 3 hints and rumours hidden in Destinations... or so the conspiracy theorists think.

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