In the lab: Asus' RT-AC88U wireless router and RP-AC68U repeater

TR BBQ fans will know that I have a new plan for live streaming the event this year. In order to truly capture the essence of the TR BBQ, though, I need to address the pathetic Wi-Fi situation at the cottage so I can move the camera freely without dropping the stream. We asked our friends at Asus to help us out, and they delivered by sending us an RT-AC88U router and an RP-AC68U wireless repeater.

It's been a personal goal of mine for a number of years now to get Wi-Fi all the way down to the beach at the BBQ site. Cell service, especially data, is notoriously bad on the coast of Lake Michigan, and the cottage's ancient 802.11g router doesn't help matters much. We'll be putting this new hardware to the test to see whether it can serve up a reliable video stream from anywhere in the yard while casting a wide enough net to let beachgoing gerbils get online, too. Stay tuned for our report.

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