Razer's OSVR headset gets more bite with a higher-res screen

Razer's Open Source VR project has long been a quiet third option for folks looking to strap on a VR headset. The affordable price tag of its Hacker Development Kit (HDK) hardware came with one drawback, though: a relatively low-resolution, 1920x1080 screen. OSVR is giving its headset a major upgrade today with the HDK 2. The new hardware will come with a 2160x1200 OLED display running at 90 Hz, putting it on par with the offerings from the industry's two big players.

HDK 2 keeps some of the more intriguing features of its predecessor. Razer claims its HDKs have an "image quality enhancer" feature that's meant to reduce the screen-door effect caused by the low-resolution screen and the short eye-to-screen distance of VR headsets. The HDK also has diopter adjustments ranging from -2 to +4.5 for users that need corrections for their vision, something both the Vive and the Rift lack. 

According to reporting from Polygon, the HDK 2 is compatible with SteamVR games that can be played with a traditional controller, as well as titles written with OSVR's own SDK. The headset will have a $400 price tag when it launches in July.

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