AMD reveals its Radeon RX 460 and Radeon RX 470 at E3

At the PC Gaming Show today at E3, AMD revealed two more pieces of its Polaris lineup. The company will be releasing a Radeon RX 460 and a Radeon RX 470 underneath the already-announced RX 480. The company isn't releasing many details about these products yet, but it did say the Radeon RX 460 will slot in at under 75W as part of its mission to be "the ultimate eSports card."

Radeon RX 470 on the left, RX 460 on the right

These products will presumably land in the $100-$300 range that the company has staked out as the natural home for its Polaris products thus far. AMD offered no word about when these next two Polaris cards would launch, but we know the RX 480 will arrive June 29 in the $200-ish range. That day can't come soon enough from where we're sitting.

AMD CEO Lisa Su also rolled a video about the Zen CPU, in which the company showed Doom running on an early sample of a Summit Ridge part in its validation labs. Again, the red team is keeping its secrets close to the chest about its next-gen CPUs for now, but it's heartening to see the silicon at work. Su says "Zen is going first into enthusiast-class desktop processors for gamers with 8 cores and 16 threads," so that's exciting news, at least.

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