Roccat's Sova is a lapboard designed for comfort

Several companies showed products at CES last year promising to bring mouse-and-keyboard gaming into the living room. Among them, Roccat's Sova was the simplest design: simply a keyboard integrated into a large, cushioned board with mousepad and wrist-rest. We've actually reported on the Sova before way back in 2014 when it was first announced, but now the lapboard is available for pre-order, and things have changed a bit since then.

The Sova is actually available in two models that offer a choice between mechanical or membrane switches. The mechanical keyboard features LED backlighting with configurable brightness, and uses keyswitches from Trantek Electronics Company, or TTC. Roccat says the TTC switches are "newly developed" with a focus on durability. TTC is a new name in keyboards, but the company has apparently been making mechanical switches for mice and other electronics since the 1990s. Regardless of the switches used, the board offers multimedia functions and N-key rollover.

The new lapboard was originally intended to be a wireless device like Razer's Turret, but it seems that functionality has been dropped in favor of a wired design that supports a 1KHz USB polling rate. The Sova uses a breakaway cable over thirteen feet (4m) long, and a two-port USB hub to connect your preferred mouse. For now, Roccat is including one of its own Kova mice with the lapboard, although that seems to be a limited promotion.

The Sova's wrist rest, mousepad, and lap cushions are all removable and replaceable. Owners can use Roccat's Swarm software to configure Easy-Shift, allowing them to create 'shift' keys on a compatible input device that alter the functions of another device's keys. Roccat also has an optional smartphone mount available for the Sova. Users can link Swarm to their smartphone to control media functions and Easy-Shift shortcut keys.

We don't actually know when the Sova will be available for purchase, but Newegg has both the membrane and mechanical versions up on the site. Roccat suggests a price of $149.99 for the membrane-keyboard version, and $199.99 for the mechanical-keyboard-equipped version.

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