Rumor: Zen-based Opterons have up to 32 cores and 128 PCIe lanes

There's been a lot of talk about AMD's next series of Opterons based on the new Zen architecture. Earlier this year, a CERN engineer revealed that Zen server processors would have up to 32 cores and eight channels of DDR4 memory. Now, Fudzilla is reporting that the massive microprocessor, which the site calls "Naples," will have 64MB of last-level cache, 128 PCI Express 3.0 lanes, and an LGA socket called SP3.

The rumor claims that Zen processors will range from that huge 32-core package all the way down to dual-cores. Thermal design power on the new chips purportedly ranges from 35W up to 180W. Fudzilla says Naples has an integrated 10-gigabit Ethernet controller, too. The site doesn't name its source, so we'd take all of the above with a mountain of salt.

Still, the rumors line up with earlier leaks and rumors that claimed that the massive 32-core package would in fact be a multi-chip module with multiple 8- or 16-core chips on an interposer. Doing the math, that arrangement would imply an eight-core processor with 16MB of last-level cache, 32 PCIe 3.0 lanes, and a dual-channel DDR4 memory controller—all reasonable values for the enthusiast-focused processor AMD CEO Lisa Su teased at E3. Fudzilla says the server-bound Zen parts are coming in 2017, "with a possibility of very late 2016 introduction."

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