Asus focuses on value with its Turbo GTX 1080

We've seen announcements for a fair few fancy GeForce GTX 1080s cross the TR news desk over the last couple of weeks. Some folks just want the GPU, though, and don't care for all the niceties of a high-end graphics card. Asus looks to be servicing those customers with the Turbo GeForce GTX 1080. It has the same 1733MHz boost clock, 1607MHz base clock, and 8GB of 10GT/s GDDR5X memory as the reference board, but ditches the pricey aluminum shroud for a more basic plastic look.

Like the rest of the non-reference Pascal cards from Asus, the Turbo GeForce GTX 1080 does feature "VR-friendly HDMI ports." That's the Asus way of saying that it dropped one of the reference card's three DisplayPorts for an extra HDMI out, in case you want to use an HDMI monitor along with your VR headset. We don't have a price on the Turbo GTX 1080, but if the Turbo GeForce GTX 970 is anything to go by, it should be pretty reasonably priced next to its Pascal-powered brethren.

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