MSI teams up with EK Waterblocks to chill the GTX 1080

EKWB will happily sell you a full-coverage waterblock for your reference GTX 1080 already, but not everybody wants to go to the trouble of tearing apart a perfectly good card to slap a waterblock on. Folks who want a card they can plug into their custom loops right out of the box now have an answer with MSI's Sea Hawk EK X GeForce GTX 1080.

The EK block on the Sea Hawk EK X gets a little MSI flash with a dragon logo and a company nameplate. MSI uses a backplate on the card that looks fairly similar to the GTX 1080 Gaming X we saw at Computex. It's also retaining the dual-slot mounting bracket from that card.

MSI is tight-lipped about the other details of the card at this time, but the six- and eight-pin power connectors visible in the product shots we do have suggests the card has a beefed-up power delivery subsystem compared to the Founders Edition GTX 1080 card. Stock clocks shouldn't much matter on this product, anyway—if you're putting a GTX 1080 under water, we hope you're planning to overclock it to its limits. No pricing info was made available as part of MSI's announcement, but we'd expect this card to carry a significant premium over other custom-cooled GTX 1080s.

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