Scythe Kabuto 3 CPU heatsink creates a breeze on its underside

There's nothing quite like a brand that specializes in doing a particular thing and doing it well. Scythe is such a company, and it's just released an improved version of its top-down heatsink, the Kabuto 3.

The Kabuto 3 eschews the familiar tower form factor for a more compact design. A 120-mm fan pushes air straight down on a healthy number of fins and heatpipes. A nickel-plated copper plate connects to two 6-mm and three 8-mm heatpipes to get the heat flowing around. The fan is a GlideStream 120 PWM model that can spin at speeds from 300 to 1400 RPM. It can move a rated 13 to 79 CFM (22 to 113 m³/h) of air, too. While I can't speak for this exact model of fan, I do have three Scythe spinners in this very system I'm typing on, and I like my computer noise to sit somewhere between "almost silent" and "is this thing even on?". Take that as you will.

The whole raison d'être of the Kabuto 3 is its odd shape, which leaves an almost completely open void underneath. Scythe claims this space lets the air coming from the fan cool VRMs and memory modules. Speaking of which, the clearance should be good enough for even the tallest DIMMs, so you don't have to worry about that in your spankin' new eight-DIMM Broadwell-E system. The Scythe Kabuto 3 is available today in the European market for 38€ (roughly $43).

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