Star Wars Battlefront's Bespin update takes the fight to Cloud City

Star Wars Battlefront has already taken players to the worlds of Endor, Hoth, Sullust, Tatooine, and Jakku. The latest update for EA's multiplayer space shooter brings the action to Bespin, home of Lando Calrissian's iconic Cloud City from The Empire Strikes Back. This patch adds four new maps, fresh weapons, "Star Cards," vehicles, a new game mode, and two new playable "heroes" from the Star Wars universe: Calrissian himself (voiced by original actor Billy Dee Williams) and bounty hunter Dengar (voiced by Simon Pegg).

The battles players can undertake on Bespin aren't taken directly from any particular Star Wars film. Instead, EA says it imagined what might happen if Darth Vader were to leave an Imperial garrison posted at the city, as he threatened to do in The Empire Strikes Back. Players will do battle with stormtroopers, TIE fighters, and bounty hunters across four locations on Cloud City, including the Administrator's Palace and the Carbon-Freezing Chambers central to that film's climax. EA also took a page from the Star Wars extended universe and made a map of the Bioniip Laboratories from the roleplaying manual Crisis on Cloud City. Deep cuts, here.

Players will be able to scorch the pristine walls of the Administrator's Palace with two new guns: the X-8 Night Sniper, a blaster equipped with a thermal scope, and the EE-4, a double-barreled blaster that fires spread shots. Other new equipment in this update includes the Disruption Star Card, a power that takes out nearby blasters, turrets, and droids when it's activated, and the Shock Grenade, a non-lethal weapon that prevents players in its blast radius from moving when it goes off. A set of Scout Binoculars can tag enemies and make them visible to the player's entire team when they're used. Players can also hop in a Cloud Car and do battle in the air.

The Bespin update also introduces a new game mode called "Sabotage," where Rebel players will need to destroy a set of generators with timed explosives before proceeding to an extraction point and holding a position while waiting for their getaway ship. In order to join in the fun, Rebel or Imperial recruits will need to shell out $40 for Star Wars Battlefront on Origin if they haven't already (though the game is on sale for $20 right now), and then pony up another $50 for the Battlefront Season Pass (on sale for $40 right now).

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