Oculus removes hardware check DRM from Rift exclusives

We've reported in the past on the ongoing saga regarding game exclusivity on the Oculus Rift and user group LibreVR's attempts to break that exclusivity. Way back in April, LibreVR released a patch, called Revive, that allowed Vive users to play Oculus-exclusive games. The two have been firing back and forth ever since. Oculus added DRM to defeat Revive, and LibreVR proceeded to update its tool to get around that restriction. The last big volley from Oculus made Rift titles check for a connected Rift headset before launching. Now in a statement to Ars Technica, the company says it will drop that practice.

Last time we talked about Revive, it looked like we were in for a protracted battle between Oculus and LibreVR over the software, so it's all the more surprising that Oculus has changed its mind. While this is a huge shift in Oculus' standing on its DRM, it doesn't mean that Vive owners can suddenly play Oculus Rift games. Vive users will still have to install the Revive patch, but the patch can at least be less aggressive about how it disables DRM now.

Given the rough launch of the Oculus Rift, an extended battle over DRM and the resulting PR fallout wouldn't be good for the company, so we can understand this move. It's still good to see Oculus bury the hatchet with folks who want the option to employ Revive, though. LibreVR has already released an update to its patch that rolls back the changes that it had made to combat the hardware check.

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