Radeon RX 480 availability check: act fast before they're gone

Howdy! We're guessing you have absolutely no idea what a Radeon RX 480 is, nor have you been waiting for it with bated breath for six months. We're also certain you're not at all wondering if you can get your hands on a $240 graphics card that's performance-equivalent to a GeForce GTX 970. No, sir, not at all. And we totally did not look into if and where you can buy one right now.

Newegg has by far the widest selection of RX 480 cards available among the shops we surveyed. Almost every model we've looked at precisely matches AMD's reference design, right down to the red "Radeon" lettering next to the output section. Clock speeds and video outputs likewise match the reference model (save for a single exception), so what you're really choosing is just a manufacturer and a warranty.

On a brighter note, companies are sticking close to AMD's suggested price of $199 for the 4GB card and $239 for the 8GB version. Most listings for the 8GB variant are for $239.99, and only a few companies are charging a little more at $249.99.

The cards were quickly flickering in and out of both listings and stock during the writing of this article. The cards we saw in stock for longest were the XFX, Sapphire and Powercolor RX 480s. XFX is listing its card at $249.99, while Sapphire and Powercolor are selling theirs for $239.99. Though they're out of stock at this exact moment, they were available for a while before publication, so your odds are good.

The Gigabyte 8GB RX 480 is a card whose availability is also volatile at the moment, and it's selling for $239.99. That's an understandable fact given that the company is among the best-regarded when it comes to graphics cards. Asus also ranks among the top dogs, but its $239.99 8GB card is either not selling yet or going so fast that we could never spot it.

The single specimen whose specs deviate a little from the norm is XFX's "RX-480M8BBA6", whose GPU comes slightly overclocked from the factory at a maximum clock speed of 1328 MHz. This model is currently sold out, however, and XFX charges a small premium for the extra oomph, setting a sticker price of $269.99. Radeon RX 480 cards are also available in 4GB capacities, but these are practically nowhere to be found. Newegg has a listing for a Sapphire RX 480 4GB card at $199.99, but it's unsurprisingly out of stock too.

That's all we could spot after our hunting session, folks. If you manage to spot any of these wabbits in stock, let us know in the comments section below.

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