Nvidia readies its Shield Android TV for the UHD and HDR future

Nvidia is teaching its Shield Android TV new tricks for UHD and HDR content. The latest software update for the set-top box gives it the ability to play YouTube videos at 4K and 60 FPS, something the company says is a first for any media streamer. Another purported first is the Shield's readiness for Netflix HDR content. Nvidia says subscribers to that service will have 100 hours of HDR programming to sample by August.

This update doesn't stop there, though. The Vudu app now supports 4K playback. The Vudu, SPMC, MX Player, and Photos and Videos apps all offer Dolby Atmos surround-sound pass-through. The Shield's universal search now works with Netflix, Vudu, and Spotify, including voice searches. Finally, the Shield can now serve Plex content to other devices. There are many more smaller changes in this update, too—check out Nvidia's full release notes for all the details.

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