Coolchip Technologies teases a low-profile "kinetic cooler"

Remember that awesome air-bearing heat exchanger that Sandia National Laboratories developed way back in 2011? Coolchip Technologies partnered with Cooler Master to bring out a similar cooler back in January of last year, but that partnership seems to have been for naught. Undaunted, Coolchip is bringing out a smaller design that appears to be based on the same concept.

The teaser image was posted on the company's Facebook page, and it apparently depicts a "low-profile kinetic cooler" for Intel processors with TDPs up to 70W. While that dissipation figure isn't especially impressive, this thing is smaller than even the Intel stock cooler, and it should be very quiet. No details yet on pricing, but Coolchip Technologies says this heatsink is coming soon. Given its extended nascense, let's hope that's the case.

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