Rumor: GeForce GTX 1060 specs leak

We got a first look at a rumored GTX 1060 reference card this week, and now the graphics leakers at VideoCardz claim to have gotten their hands on a slide deck from Nvidia that details the card's specifications. If that information is correct, the GTX 1060 will have 1280 Pascal SPs, a boost clock of 1.7GHz, 6GB of 8 GT/s GDDR5 memory, and a board power of 120W—the same as today's GTX 960.

Source: "samlhs" on Reddit

If they're real, the slides are quite bombastic. Going by the highly inexact science of "our bars are longer than theirs," the GTX 1060 might be up to 1.15 times faster than an RX 480 in traditional games, and up to 1.25 times faster in VR applications. The longest bar in these purported Nvidia slides is power efficiency, where the GTX 1060 is apparently poised to deliver 1.45 times more of that characteristic by some vague measure. This still-rumored card will apparently arrive in July, so the graphics card market wars will presumably heat up even more soon.

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