Calyos workstation passively cools Haswell-E and a Titan X

Belgian cooling vendor Calyos is showing off a completely fanless workstation, and it looks fantastic. The workstation uses a proprietary cooling system, but  it's otherwise built entirely from off-the-shelf parts, including a Core i7-5820K hexa-core processor and a GeForce GTX Titan X GPU. That's some heavy-duty hardware to cool passively, yet Calyos purports to keep both the CPU and graphics card under 75° C while running 3DMark and Prime95.

Calyos is a name that's proably not very familiar to TR readers. The small company was incorporated in 2011, and aims to provide cooling solutions for datacenter and industrial customers using its "loop heat pipe" technology. A fanless workstation with high-end hardware like this might be a good way to drum up interest in the unique cooling system, which Calyos says can dissipate up to 600W of heat.

Update: Systems equipped with Calyos' loop heat pipe coolers will be available in Q4 this year, with a global launch at CES in January. Pricing will start at €1000, though surely not for the monster system above. Thanks to FanlessTech for the tip.

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